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Dr. Christy Soto-Johnson of Guiding Elements Medical Center to be Featured on Close Up Radio

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2022 / -- If you have ever gone into a crowded room or public space and you suddenly get a throbbing headache or excruciating neck pain, you are experiencing the mind-body-energy connection. That’s because we are more complex than what conventional medicine acknowledges. In order to be totally healthy, we must pay attention to not just our physical health but our energetic, spiritual and mental wellbeing too. No matter what’s wrong, you would be in excellent hands with a naturopathic doctor who offers a wide variety of natural, non-invasive treatments.

Dr. Christy Soto-Johnson is a highly sought after Naturopathic, Bioenergetic, and Spiritual Medicine healer and Co-Founder of Guiding Elements Medical Center.

“My work is centered on the whole-person, rooted in listening to their body and story. I address the mind, body, soul, emotions and energetic bodies to keep us in balance, and teach how preventing and curing disease is actually within our control. When you go to your primary doctor and don’t achieve the results you seek, it means that the physician is not getting to the root of your issues. I uncover and determine the underlying problems and help you heal long-term in a natural, sustainable way.”

Since she was a child, Dr. Christy was highly sensitive and blessed with an intuitive and perceptive nature. Of Mexican and Native American roots, Dr. Christy grew up the proud child of registered nurses and grandmothers who used medicinal plants throughout her life. Whenever she felt unwell, she preferred to take her grandmother’s herbal teas and remedies over antibiotics. Years later when her mom became deathly ill and only a homeopathic doctor was able to find the cause, Dr. Christy realized she too wanted to help others benefit from power of alternative healing.

Through her specialized training and techniques, Dr. Christy does a through assessment, looking at diets, behaviors and family history, trauma and the state of a person’s energy field. She comes up with individualized treatment plans that encourage the body’s self-healing mechanisms to engage to get long-term relief, unlike masking disease with pills that don’t actually eradicate our issues.

Dr. Christy says that in addition to our physical body, there are 6 other key components that make up a human being (see; 2 lesser known ones are the emotional body and bioenergetic field. These components surround and exist within the physical body. Collectively, our mental, energetic, spiritual, and emotional characteristics also need to be in balance and healed. Once we look at ourselves like that we get a better understanding of what we really need to address to fully heal.

“Simply put, our physical body, opinions, beliefs, emotions, and consciousness — are composed of energy and everything is fundamentally energy. We produce chemical energy in our cells through different nutrients from what we eat and drink. Our meridians, connected by specific points flowing through our bodies, transport vibrant energy to maintain and safeguard the health of our organs, and we carry the energy and memories of our ancestors in our DNA.”

Dr. Christy says the foods we eat directly affects our mental health. Regrettably, the standard American diet (SAD) high in saturated and trans fats, preservatives, dyes and chemicals makes or keeps us sick.

Dr. Christy’s primary mission is this: To help us live intentionally with kindness, love, and grace. When we extend that to everyone including ourselves, we create not only inner harmony but peace within our community and everyone we meet. In order to stay healthy, balanced, grounded, and authentically happy we must truly love our divine selves.

She inspires us to engage in self-care, kindness, take walks through nature, and incorporate movement into our daily lives. She advises us to eat as intentionally and consciously as we can. Most importantly eat with joy and gratitude rather than begrudgingly.

In 2021, Dr. Christy was selected by Women In Medicine Magazine as one of Phoenix’s Top Doctors in Naturopathic Medicine. She also has certifications in Mayan Abdominal Massage, Pranic Healing Therapy, Gemstone Meridian Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and studied Applied Kinesiology.

“You are the expert and active participant of your own life,” says Dr. Christy. “Never let a doctor tell you they know how you feel better than you do, or what you’re experiencing isn’t true, real or possible. It is. You know your pain, your story and your truth. The keys to better overall health and happiness are within you.”

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Christy Soto-Johnson in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday July 7h at 1pm EST

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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